7 comments on “Alien Origin

  1. So finally the conclusion is that this is a real footage or fake. I think this is a fake one as there were lot of things i had seen in which most of them have been mentioned earlier. So i was looking for the information about Dr Timothy Holden who was the one going in to Mayan Mountains and no information found accordingly. Which also makes that this movie is made but not a real footage.


  2. I wish people would stop saying these films are based on ture events or actual footage. It ruins other films that are really inspired by true events. Maybe they should make a movie about the boy who cried wolf and learn the hard way as the little boy did. The point I’m getting at, if they keep doing what they’re doing no one is going to want to pay to see a movie or rent a movie based on true events. Plus I think it’s considered false advertisement, when they know they’re tricking people into seeing their STUPID movie. I think Redbox should give people free rentals when customers get fooled into renting this kind of garbage.

  3. its fake as hell why does the space ship look look like a water treatment plant for something real instead i got a poorly put together c rate movie … lol and why would they put the skull on display with security around it but leave the door wide open with no alarm there… the Amish farmers are the scariest part of the film lol …. i give it a -5 out of 10

    • If you look close of the part from the spaceship you can see a hige power ” grundfos ” pump and a gage that say Bar/Psi, thats not what you will find in a alien spaceship,,, FAKE,,,

  4. The footage is REAL. Of course it is, you wouldn’t be able to view anything if there wasn’t real footage, LOL. The PROOF is irrefutable. There was nothing really claimed, so nothing can be refuted. It was interesting, it does lay out a section in the last part about the pilot having DNA that matches 70% of modern humanity. I believe we did come from the stars, and I also believe that humans are all over the universe. Earth is just another lab experiment from our cousins from afar. I guess this movie is bullshit based on a lot of facts, suppositions, and hypothesis of many. LOL. What scares me is if our cousins from above are anything like us, then we are in fact DOOMED. LOL

  5. i wish these idiots would stop making these shit films it gives us serious investigators a bad name. we have a hard enough time sifting through the facts from the bullshit, roll on the truth, authoritys if you read this we the human race can handle the truth so get your heads out of your arses and have faith in us.

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